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About this website #

I’ve started this blog in 2017 to share insights and tutorials, but after adding a tutorial for flashing DD-WRT on an unsupported router (something I struggled to find info on the web), I felt nothing else I did was new or good enough to deserve a whole post on the blog.

However, with the sudden boom of Large Language Models (LLMs) in 2021~22 and the rising trend of machine-curated and machine-produced content on the web, I felt that the value of human-curated or human-written, even a modest one, was now pretty valuable (for both human reading and machine training).

So, I started a new category (along with a redesign of the blog): Today I Learned (TIL). The goal is to save interesting things I’ve discovered over the years in short blog posts, along with some personal notes when applicable. Think of it as somewhat of a more presentable “braindump”.

Since I saved some of those topics to my personal note-keeping app with a timestamp, I’m adding them to my website with a retroactive timestamp. So you may see posts from “2020” that were, in fact, uploaded in 2023. I just did not want to flood the blog with thousands of posts in the same week, so I choose to keep the original “discovery” date.

And, from now on, each time I stumble upon something I find curious enough to deserve a blog post, I will write about it, even if there’s already a thousand posts on it in the web. My goal, in the end, is to make a catalogue of things I once found interesting, just for the sake of documenting it. Hope my website help you discover something new too!

About me #

Last but not least, I’d like to talk about myself. My personal interests ranges through distributed systems, art, online privacy, machine ethics, stock markets, flight simulation (specially soaring), Hi-fi sound, DIY electronics, coffee brewing, software architecture, cats, startups and walkable cities.

Leonidas Villeneuve
Leonidas Villeneuve
Software Engineer, Flight Simulation enthusiast, [infrequent] open-source contributor.